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This is our most popular application which offers some great features: TV Guide, recording, pause TV and a look and feel of a popular satellite service we have all known and loved over the years. With a great user interface, why wouldn’t you want to use the best application on the market with the best subscription service?

Android / Amazon


Supa Legacy App

We have worked tirelessly to find a solutions for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV) and we have finally found the perfect App.

Supa Legacy… It’s available in all App Stores, which makes it super easy to install and set up! It works flawlessly, smooth and stable.

Normally it would cost you £9.99 to use the App, not with us… We have secured the App for free, for all our customers.

Out Now For New & Existing Customers!

Prestige LTQ-Deluxe

Android / Amazon

What does the D stand for, Deluxe… we took all the best parts of the LTQ app and improved it. Giving the user an even better experience: The user interface has been updated with a greater Q Experience: faster, easier and smoother to use.

We have taken the best app on the market and improved it 😊

We are one of a few select services, with access to this exclusive App.. So come and join Prestige Iptv so you can be ahead of the game and enjoy what others don’t have!



Android / Amazon

This our fantastic backup App, it’s actually pretty great. It’s very lightweight, sure it’s nothing on LTQ and definitely not LTQ-D.