It’s No Secret The Prestige IPTV Network Is Becoming One Of The Biggest & Best IPTV Providers In The Industry. Our Years Of Experience, Ensure The Stability And Reliability Of The Service.

This Is What Makes Our Service, So Easy To Sell On. We Provide About 3000 Channels And 50000 VOD From More Than Various Countries. We Don’t Think You Will Find Better. We Always Strive Hard For Perfection And Your Satisfaction.

What do you get?


We offer two packages. Pay As you Go: You buy get credits and then you use those credits to re-sell and each credit is as low as £5 only... Or Pay Monthly it's a one off payment per month for Unlimited Credits!


To be honest... This service sells itself. The fantastic content, with our superior Q App and finally our amazing support. Leave us to provide the best content & service available. We want you to concentrate selling.


We don't believe in reseller groups with everyone together, I mean it's nice and we do have them! But we work 1 on 1, with our resellers. We also have various support options for your customers, again making sure you can sell, sell, sell.

Important Information


With Pay As You Go: Credits are priced at £120 for 20 credits, 1 credit = £6

1 month = 1 cr
3 months = 2 cr
6 months = 3 cr
12 months = 4cr
*multiroom available

Any panel with either 0 credits or the same balance for 30 days, will have their panel locked, there will be a reactivation fee of £25. A dead panel, is dead money!


Prestige IPTV has a strict minimum retail price of all subscriptions, these will be shared when contact is made. An example though, a 1 Year Subscription most be sold for no less than £50.

Resellers are not permitted to retail any lower than this. Anyone caught underselling will have their panel terminated and all lines disabled. This is to protect the value of the product we provide. We service 100’s of Resellers who are sticking to these rules and making plenty of money.


We have a great brand here at Prestige IPTV and an even better service, to protect it we have to such strict rules and actively check they are being adhered to.

Our Resellers love the service and the support they receive. They also love the pricing structure... A bad apple, often falls into the mix here but they don't last long! There's little room for second chances in this business.

If you are not going to stick to this rules, they we are the provider for you! Simple...


Of course we save the best part till last! As a Reseller of LiveTele you will be able to buy, the official LTQ app and will also be able to exclusively buy into our new venture LTQD. 

LTQ was the sole reason so many joined us in the first place! LTQD is a whole new kettle of fish! The D, stands for Deluxe…It’s everything that LTQ has and more! Actually, it’s LTQ on steroids but it’s also sleeker, smoother & lighter. I mean come on, just look at it! 

the only way to get your hands on LTQD become an official reseller. 

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Thousands of happy customers keep coming back due to the high quality of our IPTV service.

Feel free to contact us via email or the form if you have any questions whatsoever.

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